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Jacki Atkins-Schroeder, DVM

You could say that I grew up at the Animal Medical Clinic and would be right. I started assisting my dad, Dr. George Atkins, and his partner, Dr. Tom Powell, when I was only fifteen years old. I have always loved all animals, and fell in love with veterinary medicine and surgery while assisting my dad and Dr. Powell. Helping Pets and their families is always an adventure.

I graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in May 2001. I took my first job at a small animal clinic in the west suburbs of Chicago and learned quickly that I could not wait to get back to Central Illinois. I worked at the Animal Emergency Clinic in Springfield for over 3 years before settling back in at Animal Medical Clinic in January of 2006. I purchased the practice from my dad and Dr. Powell in February of 2008 and plan to work as hard as they did to maintain the highest standards in the area for small animal veterinary medicine and surgery.

My interests include preventative medicine, critical care and soft tissue surgery. I also have a passion for advanced pain management. I finished my certification in animal chiropractic in the fall of 2010. I am certified through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and the International Veterinary Chiropractic association.

When I am not at work, I am enjoying being a mom to three amazing boys. My husband and I love to travel when we get the opportunity. We also share our home with our rescued pets. Peggy Sue is a crazy beagle mix who has won my heart although I cannot explain why. She has been treated multiple times for eating things she was not supposed to eat. She is my inspiration for learning more techniques to help dogs with back pain. Missy is our part Siamese part goddess cat who keeps everyone on the straight and narrow.
Jacki Atkins-Schroeder, DVM

The Professional Team at Animal Medical Clinic

Brandi Bearden, CVT

Brandi is the Practice Manager at Animal Medical Clinic. She finished high school and started working as an assistant at a veterinary clinic in Virginia. With over 10 years of experience, she joined Animal Medical Clinic in 2001.

Brandi recently received a degree from the Cedar Valley College in Texas, and also passed the national exam to become a certified veterinary technician.
Brandi Bearden, CVT
Tina Ludwig

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to work with animals. During high school and college, I worked at a boarding kennel/grooming shop. I also did an internship at Henson Robinson zoo while in college. After graduating from Quincy University in 1996, I was lucky enough to find a job with a veterinarian and the rest is history!

I worked at a clinic for almost 6 years in Quincy, IL before moving back to Springfield. I have been at Animal Medical Clinic since March 2002. I was originally hired as a full-time assistant, but at that time there was no full-time receptionist so I helped out in the reception area quite a bit. Soon, it became my full-time area. I enjoy getting to know the owners as well as their pets and hearing all of their stories. 

If you stop by the clinic over the lunch hour you may be greeted by my dog Hermione. She is a mixed breed dog that my family adopted as a puppy. She is strong willed and smart much like the Harry Potter character she is named after.
Tina Ludwig
Dorothy Wartenbe, CVT 

I have lived in Springfield for almost all of my life. Growing up, I knew I wanted to work with animals. During middle school, I started looking for possible careers in the veterinary field and I soon decided to pursue becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT). During high school, I job shadowed at several veterinary clinics to make sure becoming a CVT was what I truly wanted to do. I started researching colleges that offered Veterinary Technology programs. I wanted to find something that was close to home and I soon found Parkland College in Champaign, IL.. After graduating from Parkland in 2008, I moved back to Springfield to be close to friends and family. I found my first job as a CVT right after graduation and in July 2010, I became part of the wonderful staff here at Animal Medical Clinic.

In June 2016, I became a homeowner for the first time. I still live in Springfield and plan to for awhile as it is where my life is; great job and most of my family and friends. As far as my four legged children, I have a beautiful Golden Retriever named Jaxon who is is 9 years old. He is a true people pleaser. I received him as a Christmas gift from my sister in 2008. I also have a calico cat named Jewel. She was born in 2001 and I have had her since she was about 6 weeks old. In her younger years, she had the very typical feisty calico personality. She now loves attention from anyone…at home. Get her out of her home and she can get that feisty spirit back. I love my fur babies and will always have at least one dog and cat. I can’t live without them! I have no plans to change my career choice for a long time to come. I love my job and can’t imagine doing anything else.
Dorothy Wartenbe

Cassidy Savage
Veterinary Assistant

Ever since I was a child, I knew a veterinary clinic was where I wanted to spend my life. I’ve always had pets in my
home and my passion for loving them grew into my passion for my career. I enjoy caring for other’s pets just as much
as caring for my own. I started as an assistant at AMC in June of 2016 and my dreams came true. I have been truly
blessed to get to know the clients as well as their four legged family members. To better my ability to provide the best care for pets, I plan to enroll in an online vet tech program in the near future and seeing what further opportunities come my way.

My inspiration for this field continues to grow as does my unconditional love for my furry children. I currently  have quiet the crew consisting of 3 dogs, 2 turtles and one cat. First, I have Kiara. She is a 5 year old Boston Terrier/Pit Bull Mix. I rescued her from a shelter in Anna, IL when she was 5 months old and  we have been inseparable ever since. 

Secondly, I have Isabella, she is a 4 year old Doberman  Pinscher who is the 3rd Doberman our family has been blessed with. She is definitely a homebody and will never turn down a good afternoon nap. My newest addition is Roxy, she is a 2 year old Pit Bull that I rescued. She fit right in to the family  and act as if she's been there the whole time. Next are my 2 turtles , Rocket and Donny . they were both rescued and their ages are unknown. Lastly is my beloved feline, Babee. She is a 9 year old blue point  Siamese who talks a lot and is very high maintenance.

Everyday of my job is an adventure that i wouldn't trade for the world. I am excited to be able to meet, grown and care for pets for years to come.
Rhonda Luzio

She moved to Springfield with her husband in February 2007, and joined Animal Medical Clinic a month later. Call us today at 217-787-1084 to schedule an appointment at the Animal Medical Clinic.
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